I know you guys have been waiting for it all day, so here it is! THE LARS LARSON HEADLINE OF THE DAY!


HA! Good one, Lars! See, it's funny because... because... wait a second. I don't get it. Sam Adams doesn't dance, but he wants to? And he only dances with questions? WHAT? Maybe Lars can add a little context:

After the way Sam danced around the questions, I'm convinced that he should be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars.

Ummmmm… I'm sorry, but I just don't... hold on. HO-HO-HOLD ON JUST A SECOND! I get it now! See, Sam Adams doesn't give Lars the answers he wants to hear, and that's just like a professional dancer! Because dancers don't like to talk—they like to DANCE! BOO-YAH! Good one, Lars! A little obtuse... BUT GOOD ONE!!

Listen to Sam Adams discuss his dreams about becoming a professional dancer here.