Before the season started I took a poll, will Don cheat on Megan? The results were an overwhelming yes with certain caveats and an admittedly semi-rigged voting system. But good for Don, he made it through one whole season of Mad Men sleeping with only one person.


But then last night, the notion of Don's ongoing fidelity was challenged with a single look. As far as cliff hangers go, it was a great one, maybe the best part of an otherwise drab closing episode.

Last night's episode had its moments. It was vague and disturbing, but also sagged from the weight of Mad Men's current problem, obvious and clumsy metaphors that announce themselves when they're already in the doorway banging their muddy shoes on your wainscotting. Don's guilty conscience equals Lane equals his brother equals his infected tooth. In retaliation to all this despair, Don casts Megan in a commercial. He can't bear being the source of her unhappiness.

But in that act, Don somehow betrays himself. Is it the perception that she's moving on, like Peggy did? Frightened at the prospect of abandonment and the unknown, we leave him at the bar, tempted again by the ghost of happiness.

What else was there? Lane killed himself at the exact wrong moment, SCDP is doing great! It's a hopping, buzzing ad factory that can't even keep its offices full. A second floor coming to the office. Joan is plagued with guilt. Peggy is missed and Ginsberg is annoying. I almost did backflips when Peggy showed up in her own scene. Don trying and failing to make things right with Lane's wife. Megan's mom, still a bitch, but a reasonable one. Her cold truths were nice to hear in the Mad Men universe.

Then there was quite a bit of Pete and Alexis Bledel, wrapping up a plot line that I found unnecessary and melodramatic. I usually love Vincent Kartheiser, but Pete's first shot at a season wrap up monologue fell a little flat. I did like the part where he confronted her husband though, and got punched out. Again. Twice. He also delivere a good candidate for line of the episode. "And I'm the president of the Howdy Doody Circus Army!"


There were some great moments, some great shots, and a few great laughs. (Roger: "What's Regina?" Peggy grimacing after seeing two dogs humping in the hotel parking lot. Roger grinning in his apartment over the New York skyline, butt naked and frying balls. (Cheers to John Slattery for Keeping It Tight. Yowza!) The closing montage and song was probably my favorite part though.

Did you think the season wrapped up well? What are you looking forward to for next year?