Via Vulture comes revelation that, while harassing Benicio del Toro, TMZ accidentally got some footage of Terrence Malick, the most elusive filmmaker in the world. (TMZ either didn't recognize Malick or just didn't care.) One of the best filmmakers ever repeatedly tries to shuffle away from TMZ's obnoxious cameraman starting at about 3:15, in a story that TMZ placed right after their update on Lindsay Lohan's latest car wreck.

So that is what a Terrence Malick looks like.

This reminds me that Malick—not the most prolific director, with a gap of six years between Tree of Life and The New World, and which in turn ended a seven-year drought after The Thin Red Line—has a weirdly packed slate coming up. If I'm not mistaken, To the Wonder, starring Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, and Javier Bardem, has already wrapped; later this year, he'll be shooting two more movies, Lawless and Knight of Cups. IF TMZ WILL LEAVE HIM ALONE THAT IS.