CHAOS IN EGYPT! The country's Supreme Court orders the Parliament be dissolved, checking the power of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Terrible Things in Syria: New evidence emerges that the government is rampantly killing civilians.

Grandma in Chains: The number of people older than 55 in American prisons has grown since 1980 by... wait for it... 1300 percent.

The Right to Pee Campaign: In India, women often have to pay to use toilets while men pee for free. This cannot stand!

More Spies to Africa! The US is expanding secret intelligence operations across the continent.

Badmouthing Broccoli: As Supreme Court Justice Scalia asks if the government could force us to buy broccoli, how did the vegetable get so controversial anyway?

Begone, Meddlesome Reporters! Journalists are kicked out of a Mitt Romney Q&A held at, of all places, the Newseum—a journalism museum.

Game of Thrones Apologizes: For an on-camera impaling a head that looks quite a lot like George W. Bush.

Off the Hook! Former presidential candidate and guy everyone hates now John Edwards will not be retried on skeezy campaign finance charges.

Don't be a Dope: Cycling champ Lance Armstrong is formally accused of using performance enhancing drugs. Ugh.

Whattup, Cougs? Cougars are back to their native land, the Midwest!

Also: Wave High Proud image