Sometimes Obama is an Awesome President.


Drones for all, For war....I mead Forward.
as known as the Anchor Baby Law, mainly intended to secure hispanic votes
@2 yes and no. Damn you for being cynical and understanding why this was done (and I support it) but did you not get the memo that we can't question President Obama here? Much like they got duped by Mayor Adams, Portland progressive young darlings will jump on the Obama bandwagon again. Because they still don't know they just got took.

We seem well informed. Can I come see all the secret documents in your parents' basement?
This was both a pragmatic and political move by President Obama, but the major problem with this is that President Romney (or any other president) can rescind this executive order. Then, not only are the children of illegal immigrants in the same position as before, but are now known by ICE to be in the country illegally.

Should these kids be worried? Probably not. Even Romney won't jeopardize alienating Hispanic voters for decades by deporting 800,000 people.
@3 No. I will jump on the Obama bandwagon again knowing that to some degree I got took. Because at least the President cares enough to pander to people like me. To guys like Romney and other Republicans if you're my age, you don't matter.
I think this move is about whitewashing Obama's entire presidential career with deportation. Obama deported more people than any American president ever before. Under Obama's administration, the ICE goal is to remove 400,000 immigrants a year. That is, up until today, roughly 1.4 million people deported.

In comparison, George Bush deported about 2 million over his entire 8 years.

Obama didn't need to do this, it's not as if the Hispanics are going to vote for Romney. Though, I guess these headlines just attract those few hundred thousand more into the voting booth.
so no one here is at least a little bit happy for these kids??

you guys need to get laid
i think the best action is to hold the businesses accountable that employ illegals and screw over americans. 10%+ unemployment could easily be reduced. the illegals can find there own way home, heck they can stay here so long as they aren't breaking any US laws and leaching off the tax payer.
Wow. I'm surprised this article was written in English. I can't wait to vote for Romney. The Dream Act was voted down and this nothing but a backdoor amnesty for criminal illegal entrants into the United States. When these people illegally cross the border, they often continue the same illegal behavior in various types of crimes, many extremely violent and all of them unnecessary. Like John Zupan. Dead because an illegal immigrant leech decided to drive drunk. All this amounts to is more gang activity in the future when America no longer has enough work for an already overburdened economy. We have laws for a reason. This President doesn't think he needs to follow the laws of our country. By not enforcing our laws, he is kicking open the door to let more violent scum into our country to exploit it at every turn. It will only get worse if he is re-elected. Go Romney.
This bill existed and was promoted before Obama (finally) enacted it, although it does not grant citizenship I should note. @6, I may have to as well, because regardless of age ( I am over 40) unless you are quite wealthy we are both fucked regardless of whom is elected. @3, regardless of your age, you need to grow up and learn something.