Gay Blood. The British health minister has banned gay people from donating blood in his country. One woman is like, "what the fuck?"

A Succession of Princes. Yesterday, Saudi leader Crown Prince Nayef Abdul Aziz al-Saud died. His heir is yet another brother in the line of succession, which is made up of yet another 20 brothers. Such is the way in the kingdom, and not a bad idea at that. Anyone remember Ran, I mean King Lear?

Can Anyone Say, “War Crime?" With UN observers gone, the Syrian government has taken the opportunity to bomb the shit out of Homs, and yes, there are civilians there.

Yesterday, Mittens Romney showed his willingness to disrupt the delicate balance that has more or less kept the Middle East from descending into total war. But hey, if you also wanted the right wing Christian Armageddon vote, you might do the same.

Wild fires in Colorado have now destroyed more Colorado homes than any other fire in the state's history.

It's elections, elections, and elections in Egypt, Greece, and France.

China launched its first woman into space yesterdaysome guys also tagged along. China is aiming to build its very own space station by 2020. Hey remember when they shot down that satellite to show they could? And then we shot down a satellite because it was “failing?” Yeah, the race to dominate space is on.

Last night, Portland’s streets saw swiftly moving nudity. Check out Sarah’s pics.

"Can't we all get along?" And I’m sorry to report, Rodney King, the man whose beating by LA police in 1991 sparked riots in the city, has died at age 47.

Here’s an interview with King from a few years ago.