Photos of Portland's Naked Bike Ride


This was my first Naked Bike ride, and it was fantastic! The mutual feeling of openess and freedom was just great
I crashed! A drunk biker knocked into me from the side/behind and knocked me over. So many people came to help me! There was a guy who came over (I think from the other side of the street) and looked at my scraped up hands and knees and asked if I had hit my head (I hadn't). I Assume he was a doctor because he used some strange terms that I didn't know but he made sure I was okay. One guy gave me some water to wash off my hands/knees, a couple of people who were sitting outside of their houses got me some bandaids, paper towels and even a beer while other people checked out my bike to make sure it hadn't gotten messed up in the crash!One of my friends asked if it had hurt when I fell (a joke because I was wearing angle wings, and one we both laughed at). I sat down, got fixed up, thanked everyone profusely and was on my way to finish the last half of my ride! The entire ride was Amazing! I talked to people, thanked police officers and just had a grab time! I don't think something so amazing could happen anywhere else! I love Portland and I am so glad that I can call it my home.
The term "grab time" conjures up some strange mind images.
Check out these recaps from the sunny and night rides yesterday:
Nope, still don't get this one.
This was my first ride. I went with a friend and had a blast! The weather was great and I can check off "ride across the river naked" on my bucket list. Lots of fun. What's not to get?
That's okay, Spindles. The ride went on, thousands and thousands of us had a grand old time, and the whole affair was pretty damn close to an unqualified success, without any of us giving so much as a passing consideration to whether or not you got it. So, don't feel bad...
Two words: Tron Bicycle.
No pictures of shark jumping?
Once I got sweaty enough to stop sticking to my 1971 floral-print, vinyl banana seat, the ride went quite well.
@2 Angle wings? Like Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle? Sweet. I went to one of these 4 years ago. Initial impressions: 70% dudes, 80% people you don't want to see naked (but I think that's the point, to a degree), 100% appeared to be having much fun. I don't "get it "either, but I am fine with it as long as you don't do in the middle of the day without warning,lol.