Richard in an empty theater

Thanks to my pal Graeme McMillan at Spinoff Online, I learn of a recent study that shows movies rate as a "'frequent source of entertainment' among just three percent of U.S. consumers, down from 28 percent in the survey just two years ago."

And as occasional Mercury contributor Vince Mancini said in his disheartening summary of this past weekend's box office,

On the whole, the box office was down 15 percent from the same weekend last year, and the same weekend last year had Green Lantern. When you can’t even make money on Adam Sandler mailing it in anymore, it might be time to panic.

That's a hell of a drop—though some decrease in theater-going certainly corresponds with my experience. Granted, I spend a lot of time in theaters due to my preposterous job of reviewing movies for the Mercury, and also because, inexplicably, I still really like movies even after being forced to watch a billion terrible ones. But I'm the outlier—and, in recent years, even I've taken to watching stuff at home when given the option. But now I'm curious: What are the specific stats when it comes to how often Blogtown/Mercury readers go to the movies? So I made a poll! WHEEEE, VOTING.

Anyway, please vote, as it will help me determine how quickly I will need to start looking for a new job and/or if I need to accelerate my plan to hit Chris Onstad with a truck so that I can take his job as the Mercury's food critic even though I don't know anything at all about food and care even less. Doesn't matter! Your days are numbered, Onstad.

And if you're one of the people who doesn't go to movies nearly as often as you used to, feel free to elaborate on what you do instead, and why, in the comments—I know all my reasons, but they just make me sound like Andy Rooney (R.I.P, you pissy old bastard), so I won't ramble on about 'em here. You're welcome.