Mitt Romney Learns About Touch-Screen Technology


Mornin, Noon And Nite, Wawa Does It Right!
I'd push a naked hippie off a bike for a Wawa sub.
I can't wait to vote for Romney.
I suspect he's going to try very hard to avoid the press until the election. Also, he's going to try like hell to never actually describe a single action or policy he would implement. He may not get away with it, but he'll try. We'll see if the press does its job.

I do agree that if the public starts seeing more of him, and he eventually is forced to take actual concrete positions on issues, that he will lose.
It's Wawa, not "Wawas". I bet Mitt Romney is also one of those idiots that says "Barnes and Nobles."
Hey sMercury douchebags and turd sandwiches, this is another MSNBC edited hit piece and you're too stupid to know it. Looks like you'll believe anything, kind of like the Zimmerman edited call to the police.
This should end the discussion. MSNBC edited the video to manufacture something out of thin air. Literally manufactured the story.…
The super-douche was still surprised by the touch-screen.

Not sure how MSNBC leaving out his homily about Arnold changes that fact.

And if Romney actually answered a question or two now and then, even trolls like Beavertron Andy would see how vapid he is.