Adam Carolla: Still Not Funny, Still Hates Women


There is a difference between not finding women funny and hating them. You guys are no different than the reporters on Fox news.
Let's drink some beers and rape!
You mean to tell me greasy, walking stereo-type Adam Carolla is still somehow relevant in American comedic culture - in 2012?! MAMMA MIA!
I'm pleased that Blogtown has been much more active and interesting lately but I could do without troll-tastic bullshit like this.
"What if Roseanne Barr was a dude? Think we’d know who she was?"

Yeah, but we wouldn't know Jeff Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy.
Text messages from Grandma are funnier than Adam fuckin' Carolla.
How you gonna talk shit about Roseanne? She's a comic's comic. Then again, Adam Corrolla isn't anything close to a comic, so maybe that's why he doesn't like her.
Adam Carolla - one of the few among us able to exclaim "I've failed in careers in both comedy AND home remodeling". Seriously, one viewing of his remodeling show displayed zero building talent and will be key material for future home owner lawsuits against his shoddy fuckin' construction skills (or lack there-of).
His podcast is listened to by around 10 million people a day, I guess a lot of people must find his stories to be pretty funny, or at least entertaining.
All this hatred towards Carolla is over shadowing the fact that very few women are funny.
I won't defend his comments but it seems like he's referring mostly to women on sitcom writing staffs which, let's be honest, are not exactly the funniest crowd around. Regardless of gender, I'd guess 87% of all sitcom writers are going to fall into the "not funny" category.

Also, this isn't even that offensive of a comment compared to the average sarcastically offensive statement he makes on his podcast daily. Not to mention how comparatively benign most of his comments are compared to the actual spewers of hatespeech you could be calling out instead...Carolla is the marijuana to Ann Coulter's meth or Limbaugh's bath salts.
Is there anyone who honestly disagrees with what he said in regards to which gender is funnier? We're different. Women have strengths and men have strengths. Is there anyone responding to this post who knows more funny women than men? I sure as hell don't, not even close. As to the insider industry stuff, nobody commenting has any idea if he's wrong. Any posters work in television or radio comedy? Yeah I didn't think so. This has clearly been his experience. Forced to consider gender in a who is best for the job contest. As far as his relevance he has far and away the most popular podcast in the world. What a loser.
Since when has "most popular" had anything to do with being funny? Two and a Half Men is pretty fucking popular and about as funny as Carolla. In response to bogenreev's question: I, for one, know more funny women than men.
His metaphor is spot on. The black dude is likely to be better at hoops than the guy in the yarmulke. Is it always the case no but like he said he's playing the odds. 70/30? 60/40? The guy thinks on the aggregate men are funnier and that jives with my experience and I would imagine the experience of most. Why do you suppose men dominate stand up comedy? Are there other factors, maybe, but without a doubt that is a contributor, it has to be the numbers are too overwhelming for it not to be. It's such an obvious no brainer you'd seem to have to have an ax to grind to conclude otherwise. Took a quick poll in our office, 2 guys and 2 girls. All four thought men were funnier on average. To varying degrees but they all agreed on average men are funnier. Not a scientific poll of course but its not nothing.
I try to give humanity the benefit of the doubt, but y'all are mostly a bunch of idiots. See you at the Chuckle Hut!