The Dill Pickle Club has, in conjunction with the NW Film Center, been hosting a series of lectures on the culture of film making in Portland, and the next one is up this coming Sunday. Each edition features a panel of local experts, and here's who's on deck for this round:

Filmmaker Tom Chamberlin will address the community of 16mm filmmakers who worked in Portland between 1969-1979 and their extraordinary level of cooperation and mutual support. Film programmer and historian Dennis Nyback’s talk, “Filmed in Portland Before Sound,” will salute the pioneering work of Jesse Sill, Lewis Moomaw, Lew Cook, and others in the 1920s and ’30s. Film and photography archivist Tom Robinson will talk about the relationship of home movies to documentary, drawing from his collection of historic Oregon home movies. (90 mins.)

Nyback I know from his days as lord of the Clinton St Theater, but Chamberlin and Robinson are new names to me. Probably anticipating this, the Dill Picklers (just made that up) have made this handy introductory short film about Robinson, who actually seems like a pretty interesting dude:

A Place called home will take place this Sunday, June 24, 1 pm at the Whitsell (tickets here).