Police Union Boss: City Doesn't Want Frashour Transcripts "to Ever See the Light of Day"


Adams is crooked as hell. Liberals usually are anymore. It wasn't always this way but when liberals or conservatives FAIL to hold their own accountable you get a dictatorship. Happens way too much in Portland now. Good going, libbies. Way to drop the ball. Way to underachieve. Frashour has been cleared many times over this incident and the guy deserves to work. People who want to make this about race are bald-faced liars who only want to divide the country. Just like with Zimmerman. Just like with Eric Holder. What a joke.
Wow, that comment was a load of idiotic right wing bullshit. Congrats on managing to dump just about every stupid, hackneyed tea party lie that only a dummy could believe into one comment. Truly a masterwork.
@1: You are the only one here who mentioned race. Put your helmet back on before THEY come for your thoughts!
Since when did the Tea Party have anything to do with this incident? I don't follow the Tea Party but I figured this was local bullshit. Glad I managed to lure out at least two fact-deficient liberal sheep who aren't interested in the truth. As usual.
yawn, beating a dead horse with this story