BIG RIG—What's Rigsketball? It's the basketball hoop that local band And And And have attached to their tour van, and the bracket for this summer's Rigsketball tourney is announced tonight, pitting Portland's best bands against each other in a series of pickup games across the city. At the kickoff show tonight, see seven great bands, all for free! NL
Plan B, 1305 SE 8th, 7 pm (bands at 8:20 pm), FREE

36 CHAMBERS—Try to top this hiphop lineup: Wu-Tang Clan and Dead Prez. Oh, that's right. You can't. Yes, there are a ton of other performers at Refuge tonight, but shit: Seeing the legendary Wu-Tang and the ever-impressive Dead Prez in a single night? As Dead Prez once said, "Hell yeah." EH
Refuge, 116 SE Yamhill, 8 pm, $30-45, 21+