This Sunday, Portland Meadows officially debuts a re-branding they've had in the works for months, after tapping OMFG Co.—the sought-after firm behind designs for everyone from the Gap to Spirit of 77 to Olympic Provisions to the Ace Hotel—for the job. Wisely making moves to drum up new fans from a younger generation (one that conveniently has a soft spot for such old-timey pleasures), the launch coincides with the track's new summer hours, with live horse racing at 1 pm Sundays and 6 pm Wednesdays and Fridays through September. They're also staging a multi-pronged attack on the social 'nets with an Instagram contest and "horse-masked flash mobs" in anticipation of Sunday's kick-off, which will be souped up with live music, BBQ, and more. Time will tell if the younger crowd embraces the old track as a new regular stop on the summer calendar along with river trips and beer-soaked kickball tournaments (I'm doubtful the vegans will be down, but think it's probable the ranks of vintage enthusiasts will be), but what do you say: Curious?

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