Twenty-plus places visited; spot the emergency banh mi.
  • Chris Onstad
  • Twenty-plus places visited; spot the emergency banh mi. Click to enlarge, if you think that's necessary.

As I say in this week's Fried Chicken Round-Up, even after visiting over twenty metro establishments (or the graveyards thereof) I do not consider it a comprehensive guide to Portland fried chicken. I am sure there are superior offerings to what I found (at least, I hope so); this was the beginning of a much larger project. Even as I was filing the piece, frantic texts were coming in: "Beaker and Flask has the best!" "Go to Michael Hanaghan's house, he trained with Thomas Keller!" "CHOP on Thursdays!" etc. Yes, yes, yes. But I was looking for that undiscovered diamond, that Brigadoon bodega, the one with the hot case full of superlative, seasoned, crisp bird. I found one, but you'll have to read the article.

Also declared in the article was a focus on take-away fried chicken, the kind you get for a summer picnic...the obvious, more expensive sit-down restaurant choices were not factored in. I wanted a place I could call ahead, or just casually pop into. I did not—as has become the mantra around here—want to wait in line.

So go on—what's your favorite take-away fried chicken?