"Hey, want to shout out that you just did the 23,000th post on Blogtown? I took a screenshot!" That's what my boss, Wm. Steven Humphrey, iChatted me a few minutes ago. "Okay," I said. So here's that screenshot he was all excited about:

The post in question was about things that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles say, which certainly would fill my college journalism professor with pride. You know, it's "accomplishments" like these that really make you question where you are in life and where you're headed, or, as the case might be, aren't headed, and—

WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE. Are you serious? This is my job? I get paid to write about the differences between "cowabunga" and "booyakasha" and every Friday is Otter Friday and somehow a blog I've been part of from the very beginning, when I unsuccessfully lobbied to name it "Werner Herzblog," just hit 23,000 posts? This is my life? This is Blogtown? FUCK and YES. I just had a goddamn moment of clarity and everything just got great and:

UPDATE: After I made everybody the office watch that video with me three times in a row, Steve was all, "So, is that how you feel inside right now, Erik?" And I was like, "Actually, no. That's how I feel every moment of every day. I was just stoked for all of us to have an opportunity to watch that together! No, Steve—after this momentous accomplishment, I feel like this."

Stay tuned for some poor bastard's 23,002nd Blogtown post, which will doubtless be a huge fucking disappointment.