Syria v. Syria's Citizens: Street battles are raging in the Syrian capital of Damascus as the government continues to take a hard line against rebellion.

Olympic Security in "Shambles": Security at the Olympics in London is looking dicey after the company hired to provide guards dropped the ball.

HSBC Laundered Drug Money: The big bank's lax rules allowed Mexican drug cartels to launder billions of dollars through the US institution.

Yahoo Names New CEO: I know this sounds boring, but she actually seems pretty interesting.

Yay Science! The FDA approves the first drug to slow the spread of HIV.

Boy Scouts: Still Bigots. The Boy Scouts of America administration reaffirms its ban on gay people as "absolutely the best policy" for the group.

Big Gay Military Wedding: The story of the first same-sex marriage on a military base.

Who Made the Olympic Rings? A guy with a giant mustache in 1914.

The First Ever Coffee Ad!From 1652! It protects against gout!