You Can't Judge a Bob Dylan Album By Its Cover...


Maybe he accidentally put his name on an Anne Rice novel?
I think it's actually cologne.
...but you can judge it by the fact that everything the guy has done for 20 years has been consistently awful. What's worse is that he'll likely schedule a tour for this album in which thousands of poor saps will pay a hundred bucks each to watch him stand idly in front of a keyboard muttering incoherent vocal spasms into the microphone. Hang it up, Dylan. Unless your arthritis will allow you to ever pick up a guitar or harmonica again, you're just conning your fans out of their hard-earned money. That's a mistake I'll never make again.
Except that "Time Out of Mind", "Love and Theft", and "Modern Times" were praised by critics and fans. That hardly constitutes "consistently awful". Though "Christmas in the Heart" was indeed something that never should have happened.

His live shows, on the other hand, are hit-or-miss, as everyone has known for decades.