Aw man, I missed the Portland Men's Roller Derby home game earlier this month where the Honey Badgers made their debut against the Bone Daddies. Based on the score though—Bone Daddies 221, Honey Badgers 34—it was a rip-roaring blowout. And again, I have to miss tomorrow's battle in Beavertron. But you should go! The Honey Badgers are taking on the Holy Roll'n Empire. I've yet to the see the fuck-less-giving Badgers, but based on their Facebook pictures (see below) they're my favorite merby team. (Although the Bone Daddy boutfits are heroic.) Tomorrow's game should be more evenly matched and full of bone-clattering hits.

Season 1 Home Team Game 3: Honey Badgers vs. Holy Roll'n Empire
Indoors Goals, 16340 NW Bethany, Beavertron
Fri July 20, 6:30 pm, $10, tix