A face that will become all too familiar to you over the next months, if not years:

  • The Denver Post

Taken at this morning's advisement hearing, in which Holmes was told formally about the charges with which he is faced.
Court officials braced for a flood of people at the courthouse Monday morning, but few members of the public were gathered there and the mood was subdued. The State Court Administrator's office reserved 35 seats inside the courtroom — Courtroom 201 — for media representatives. Space also was made available to shooting survivors and the family of the victims. An overflow courtroom, in which an audio feed of the hearing will be played, also was set up.

Because of the large number of people expected at the courthouse, court officials established an overflow parking lot a few blocks away at Arapahoe County Community Park, 7900 S. Potomac St. There was a free shuttle service between that parking lot and the courthouse.