Here's a depressing little snippet from NBC prez Robert Greenblatt to the Television Critics association today. From Time:

This morning at the Beverly Hilton, NBC entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt spoke to introduce the network’s new fall schedule, with a message: NBC can no longer afford pride. Those sophisticated, risk-taking, grown-up comedies? Love ‘em! Not going to do ‘em so much anymore!

“We’re in a transition,” Greenblatt said. “We’re trying to broaden the audience.” And while he called the network’s Thursday roster–and Community, moving to Fridays, “great shows,” he frankly said: “We just can’t get the audience for them. They tend to be a little bit more narrow and more sophisticated than you want for a broad audience.

Soooooo... you're intending on "dumbing down" shows like Community in order to get a broader audience? From TV Line:

Greenblatt said, “I think the fans of Community are going to get the same show that they have loved from the beginning.

That's kind of the opposite of what you just said. Sigh. :(