There are a ton of comedians in this town, and it seems like there are new showcases popping up every week. Which is great, because more showcases means more opportunities to see local comics go beyond the short open-mic set. But there are so many of these things now, that venue has become one of the only ways to tell them apart.

So, if you like your comedy in a setting that's more Deliverance and less Taxi Driver, check out No Joke at The Fixin' To in St. Johns, this Friday at 9 pm. Producer Sean Ongley says it's "like you're in some old timey beatnik cafe, but in Arkansas." Small venue, small stage, cheap drinks, smoker-friendly outdoor seating, and good food. But since it's in Portland, not Arkansas, there's stuff vegans can eat, too.

The show only runs monthly through September, so check it our while you can. Each comedian gets 7 minutes, and this month's lineup includes:

Jordan Luther King
Bombo Belford (LA)
Joe Hieronymus
Grace Sadie
Andy Schanz
Zach Cole
Will Woodruff
Brian Blank