Obama Politely Suggests Some Gun Control: In a speech to the Urban League, Obama says parties should work together to get assault weapons off the streets, but doesn't back any legislation specifically.

Battle for Syria: The Syrian government is shelling neighborhoods in its largest city, Aleppo, as it tries to hold onto power.

Survey Says: Rights Were Violated. An eight-month study of police treatment of Occupy in New York says that police consistently violated press freedoms and made baseless arrests.

Stalemate: Will Obama actually do anything about climate change?

Workers Rights Group Aims at WalMart Warehouses: A union-backed campaign has complained to labor authorities about conditions at WalMart shipping warehouses, where workers allegedly work in 100 degree heat without water.

Urban Big Box: As young people increasingly flee the suburbs, the big box stores are following—Target is opening smaller versions of its store in cities across the country, including Portland.

Chinese Political Scandal: The wife of a recently-ousted "rising star" of Chinese politics has been charged with murder.

Watching the Olympics on Your Phone is apparently a thing we require of civilization now. NPR reports that a Portland company, Elemental Technologies, is going to be responsible for half the mobile streaming of the Olympics worldwide.

Korean Flag Flap: Olympic engineers accidentally display the flag of South Korea over pictures of the North Korean soccer team. Whoopsie.

North Korean Leader Goes to Amusement Park: The Great Leader and his new wife went to the People's Pleasure Ground and... wait... who's that dude on the front of this roller coaster?

Twitter is Down. This is what their site looks like right now:


Update 10:30am—Looks like Twitter is up and running again!