Take that Chick-Fil-A! The founder of Amazon.com donates $2.5 million to the marriage equality campaign in Washington. This gift doubles the money in the bank account of the pro-gay proponents of a referendum that's heading to the state's ballot in November.

Helping Syria's Rebels: Turkey is secretly helping the Syrian people and Obama is looking to maybe lend a hand, too.

Our Growth is "Tepid." The economy is growing at a measly 1.5 percent, but at least it's not shrinking.

Super Cyber Secure: Congress is mulling a cyber security bill that people alternately criticize as too weak and too infringing-on-privacy.

How Mississippi Can Learn from Iran: Mississippi's healthcare system is broken and terrible. A good model for the state would be, oh, Iran.

How Will the Healthcare Act Affect Illegal Immigrants? Hospitals fear that federal money to treat undocumented people will disappear.

Cops Want Gun Control: Everybody with half a brain understands why we need to get assault rifles off the streets. Including feisty police groups.

Facebook is Hurting: The social media site's tumbles.

This Guy Seems Awesome: Blind South Korean archer. He would totally win the Hunger Games.

Help This Couple Out: A Portland woman has her purse stolen which she's volunteering for Impact NW, then the thief hacks her savings account and her car stolen. Ugh, hope they catch this guy!

Mitt Romney is Not Having a Good Day in London: The Brits are miffed.