Remember that award-winning Miami Vice post I wrote this morning? Because Miami Vice is showing at the Hollywood tonight? Well guess what: I'm still thinking about Miami Vice!

When I tell people that Jan Hammer's "Crockett's Theme" is one of my favorite songs, they usually think I'm either lying or being ironic. I am being neither. It's a safe assumption that this song is playing in my head at any given moment of any given day.

Meanwhile, here's a tragedy: Jan Hammer never wrote a theme for Tubbs. While I know what you're thinking ("Uh oh—is Jan Hammer racist?"), a fun fact I just made up is that Miami Vice producer Michael Mann did, in fact, ask Hammer to write a theme for Tubbs—but Hammer declined after seeing this 11-second-long scene. "I cannot do this man justice," Hammer reportedly said to Mann, as a single tear traced a meandering path down his cheek. "Only a fool would try."

We're thus left with a non-Vice way to best musically represent Tubbs. Take it away, Philip Michael Thomas!

TO THE POLL! Based on the above evidence, let us now vote on who is better: Crockett or Tubbs.