The trailer for the new Red Dawn uses Filter's "Hey Man Niiiiiice Shhhoooootttttt," which normally would be super lazy, but in terms of a goofy, action-y, militia propaganda flick feels totally, utterly appropriate. I haven't been shy about my love for John Milius' original ridiculous, awesome Red Dawn, so I might be kind of biased, but this remake also looks to be ridiculous and awesome—and while it doesn't have Swayze, it does have Thor, which is okay, as far as trades go.

Even if it's been sitting on the shelf, unloved and forgotten and mocked, for two whole years, and even though they went in and edited it to make China happy (which is too bad, because it is 100 percent inevitable that China will one day invade America, while it is, shall we say, somewhat less likely North Korea will), I'm still stoked for this. Partly because at around 0:28 in the trailer, it looks and sounds like—and maybe I'm assuming too much, but just go with me here—the North Koreans will use the T-rex from Jurassic Park as one of their invasion weapons. FOUR STARS, TWO THUMBS UP