GOOD MORNING, BLOGTOWN! Where my girls at, from the front to back. Well is you feelin' that, put one hand up. LET'S GO TO PRESS.

Syrian rebels claim they downed a government fighter jet. So that's one down, and maybe another hundred or so to go?

One of the most wired Democratic societies, South Korea, is being increasingly censored online by the government. ATTACK, MY TROLLS... ATTACK!!

The Daily Mail accuses China of taking children from their homes and brutally training them to be Olympic champions. YEEEESH. Warning: Pictures may make you a touch ill.

Last night's Olympic closing ceremonies was... umm... well, I suppose "wacky" would be one word for it.

Final Olympic count? 104 medals total for the Americans, 46 of them gold. And now we return you to your regularly scheduled life.

Veep candidate Paul Ryan: Budget warrior or right wing ideologue? Or perhaps the money-maker that the Dems have been praying for?

The Pope's butler says he leaked the pontiff's personal papers to "shock the church back onto the right path." Good luck with that.

An independent report finds that the Norway shooter—who killed 69 people—could've been stopped by faster police reaction.

Jennifer Aniston is engaged to Justin Theroux—also known as Angelina Jolie's next victim.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: A sunny high of 86 today... but by Thursday you're gonna be praying for it to be this cool. PREPARE YOUR THONGS.

And finally, the only thing worth watching in the entire Olympics—THE RETURN OF THE SPICE GIRLS.