If you didn't read this week's article on Helvetia, an excellent, shape-shifting band that's been around for a while but is new to Portland, read it here. Their seventh album, Nothing in Rambling, just keeps getting better and better the more I play it—slightly hazy, sun-flared sorta-psych informed by post-hardcore, if you want to slap a bunch of genre tags onto it. But you don't. And you don't need to. You can hear the record's excellent single, "RyBro," on my post from yesterday, and you can watch the video for "Nettles" above. This is a band well worth your attention, and Nothing in Rambling is perfect for a hot day like today, when your brain cells just aren't moving as fast as they usually do. Embrace the heat with their sure-to-be-sweaty show tonight in the East End dungeon; the very fun and very fine Pataha Hiss headline.