August is apparently the month of summer's most delightful cocktail specials—so here are a couple refreshing ideas available at least until September begins and the end of summer is officially and tragically in sight.

Rum Club's Daiquiri and Friends: A special menu at Rum Club this month focusing on (and including) the great rum-based classic does not fail to satisfy. I recommend anything from the so much-more-than-standard Rum Club Daiquiri (Rum, lime, Maraschino, demerara, Angostura, and Absinthe) to the Peach Blendy (house-spiced Rum, lime, fresh peaches, bitters, and mint—all blended). I don't think it's possible for you to be disappointed sipping these cool comforts on this SE patio.
Rum Club is located at 720 SE Sandy Blvd.

Nostrana's Negroni of the Month: Yes, Nostrana bar manager Derrick Douglas does one of these every month (leading into a giant industry celebration every year—think costumes, booze, and a crowd with an astonishingly high tolerance for cocktails), but August's is particularly summery... and sparkling. The Dubble Bubble, a quick drink with Campari, Vergano Vermouth, and Sorelle Bronca Prosecco, is carbonated with an iSi siphon and less sugary than its namesake candy. Put sparkling wine in pretty much anything and I'll love it, and I swear you'll dig this Negroni knock-off too.
Nostrana is located at 1401 Southeast 14th Avenue.

Augusts Negroni of the Month: The Dubble Bubble
  • Clare Gordon
  • August's Negroni of the Month: The Dubble Bubble

Cheers to the last full month of summer, Blogtown! Where's your favorite summer beverage? It doesn't have to be alcoholic, but... why not?