Florida Weather Report! A hurricane is bearing down on Florida and the Gulf Coast as Mitt Romney prepares to give his big come-join-us speech at the Republican National Convention.

Ladybits: The Republican Convention is one of the more awkward places to be a woman right now.

And Just for Good Measure... Here's a brief history of men defining rape.

Remember Rachel Corrie? An Israeli court rules that the state has no responsibility in the "regrettable accident" that led to the American activist's death in 2003.

Burn a Koran? Receive a "Letter of Reprimand." The US soldiers who touched off massive protests across the Middle East when video leaked of them urinating on dead people and news broke that the army burned Korans have received "nonjudicial punishments" like letters of reprimand.

Poison the Apples! The JTTF is involved in the arrest of a group of soldiers who were allegedly plotting some terrorist attack in Washington, planning to blow up a dam and poison the state's apples.

Sex Strike! Women in the African nation of Togo are protesting the government by withholding sex from their partners.

Apple Will Crush You: The tech giant tries to ban eight Samsung phones in the country.

Concrete River: A group of outdoorsy folks is bringing life (and kayaking) back to the Los Angeles River, which is usually just a concrete sewer.

Maybe Dementia Could Be Hilarious. An Amsterdam old folks home has an innovative strategy: Let old people have fun.

I Fully Support this Protest: British soldiers are posting naked salutes to Prince Harry, supporting him after his nude Las Vegas photos leaked online.