Hey, another trailer for The Master! I'm going to keep posting these because (A) I'm excited for the movie, and (B) I like knowing that whenever someone watches one of these, Xenu sheds a single tear.

RELATED! I just got an email from Greg Wood, who, in addition to owning the Roseway in Portland, manages the Cinerama in Seattle—one of the few theaters capable of showing films in 70mm, which happens to be Paul Thomas Anderson's preferred format for The Master. Wood says:

Seattle, starting 9/21, THE MASTER, IN 70MM! Only one in NW and just a few in nation.

Fun, not-at-all-coincidental fact: I just made plans to drive up to Seattle on the weekend of September 21 to see The Master in 70mm at the Cinerama. I suspect I won't be alone in doing so. (Well, I know I won't be alone in doing so, because my pal Grant is coming with me. So that's at least two of us. My car seats five, ladies!)

Now all I need is for Wood to announce a special double feature of The Master and Battlefield Earth at the Cinerama that weekend and I should be all set. (It's the phrase "Man. Is not. An animal." from this most recent trailer that reminds me of John Travolta's shouting about "man-animals" in Battlefield Earth. [Somewhat related: Please buy me this.])