It feels kind of like the F-word today, don't it? I'm wearing a blazer! What the fuck.

Anyhow, don't worry—it will probably remain mildly pleasant until Halloween, whereon there is an unspoken rule that it must always rain, and herald the commencement of Portland's darker months. However, this will come up fast and bite you if you're not ready: You need a costume! (Protip: Since it is always cold and rainy, avoid skimpy costumes like Sexy Anything or Peter Pan. Go with Russian Fisherman or Polar Bear and stay toasty.) The smart among us will get cracking on this early, taking advantage of opportunities like the one being presented by Oregon Children's Theatre, which is having another costume sale this year after last year's success, coming up on September 14 and 15. And it sounds pretty good:

This year, much of the inventory will focus on vintage items and quality pedestrian clothes. Hundreds of pieces are up for sale with items starting at just $5! The sale will feature costumes from many of our shows, but the highlights are one-of-a-kind vintage suits, dresses, skirts, and shoes for men and women.

If you're serious about getting the first and best dibs, plan to fork over $10 ($20 at the door) for a pre-sale party from 5:30-8:30 pm on the 14th that also includes beer, wine, snacks, cupcakes, whiskey(!), and live music. The scrappier among us can wait until the 15th, when there is no admission cost, however also no whiskey. :(