Goddammit, Did You Really Have to Quote a Woman Named Tree?


Be nice to Tree Marie, and just be glad you weren't named Sandalwoodstock Mirk.
It's a fine article for USA Today. If only 6 percent of commute trips are taken by bike, even in Portland, that means bike commuting is an extremely unusual thing to do. Of course, it doesn't seem so to anyone who is among that 6 percent. But other than the unfortunate name, the article does well to make cycling seem like a very normal, commonplace thing. You get the inevitable detour into the "bad cyclist behavior" category, but it takes pains to discredit the view that cycling is dangerous and everyone is angry (at least in Portland). Even if that's too tidy a package to be accurate. I have a half dozen gripes about the article, but it gets too many of the big things right to complain. I just imagine (beyond Tree) what impression this leaves with anyone who picks it up with their McMuffin or their stay at Holiday Inn Express, and it's a fair impression.
This looks like a more thorough version of 90% of your articles--why u mad?
31% of Portland students walk or ride bikes? That could be because our school district is the only one in the metro area with no school bus service for high schoolers.
How many will commute by bike when it starts raining two weeks from now and doesn't stop until June?
I commute year round, Blabby, as do thousands of others. And the rain won't come solid for another month. Get outside and you learn these things.
I the think the USA Today fact might be a little skewed because doesn't that paper get distributed out in many hotels? It's kind of similar to when Prince included his CD when you bought a ticket to his concert a few years ago. Because of that, he had a number 1 album.
Hell, I'll drive two blocks for a bottle of beer. I don't get it... Life doesn't get any easier than that.