Over on the TBA blog, Jenna Lechner reviews Keith Hennessy's Turbulence, which bills itself as "a dance about the economy." This show's been divisive—the Portland Monthly loved it, as did a few of my friends, where Jenna and I both found it more aggravating than inspired. You should read Jenna's review, because it is well-written and I think it precisely articulates the problems with the show ("At a certain point, art stops being “difficult” and starts being an abusive and self-indulgent waste of an audience’s time"). Here are some quotes that pretty much some up her night:

“This is some hippie shit up in here.” — Noah Dunham. (The show hasn’t started.)
“Want a donut?” — Dude hanging from the railing. (The show has started?)
“Who wants a donut?” — Donut dude, now in the audience, handing out donuts.
“Aimless.” — Guy in the audience.
“Well, if the party is in option…I’m gonna take that option. And get out of here.” — Woman behind me.
“DICK. I wanna. See. More. Dick." — My friend, now desperate, and hoping they open the floor to audience suggestions.
“I am so over contemporary art. I am so sick of how self-indulgent this field is.” — My friend, the art professor.
“I just want to see something pretty :( ” — Me, five days into TBA.

Read the whole thing.