Last nights Parenthetical Girls show at the Works.
  • Pat Moran
  • Last night's Parenthetical Girls show at the Works.

Well, you missed last night's wonderful The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller, a "live documentary" that saw filmmaker Sam Green narrating an introduction to Bucky's life and work, with a soundtrack provided by Yo La Tengo. (You shouldn't have missed it. We told you. You never listen.)

But there's still one weekend left of the Time-Based Art festival, and plenty to see.

Tim Etchells and Ant Hampton's intriguing tour of written and spoken language, The Quiet Volume, set in the library, runs through Sunday and is absolutely worth experience. Reservations are required. It's $10. You can afford it. Don't be a baby.

Andrew Dickson's Life Coach, in which a real-person "patient" receives a life-coaching session from Dickson in front of a live audience, has four more shows on Saturday and Sunday. As unassuming as this show is (it's in a tiny conference room in the basement of the Mark Spencer Hotel; there's really nothing high-concept about it), it's probably the most memorable thing I've seen so far. It's free. You can afford it. Don't be a baby.

Keith Hennessy's Turbulence runs for two more nights. Audience opinion has been divided on this one, including among our writers: Plenty of people have found the show's immersive freakiness thought-provoking and playful; some haven't.

There are also a handful of shows opening this weekend, including the anticipated Gob Squad's Kitchen (You Never Had it So Good), a mishmash of live theater and film riffing on Andy Warhol's films. Details!

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