Five Things I Learned on the Dill Pickle Club's Hidden Portland Walking Tour


none of this is news actually. People who were born here know all this already frankly
yeah -- how dare you, fiona?!

how dare you jot down a few interesting tidbits about this fair city when you know damn well that someone who's lived here forever might already know these things?!?!

the audacity.

(and as for anybody else who actually learned something from this post or whose curiosity was piqued because of it, well, fuck you for not knowing it before now -- what the fuck are you doing here if you weren't born here??!!)
to be fair, i've only been here a year and was aware of most of those things.
Nobody cares when you got here. Point being is that when "regular old" Portland is treated as a novelty for everybody who came here for "weird" Portland can be rather obnoxious at times.
That said, I didn't catch that from this article. Show up and express some interest in local history and you'll make it here just fine. Whine about how this town doesn't meet your tourist brochure expectations of what you thought it would be then fuck you.
Well, I learned exactly one new thing from this post, but Fiona is only reporting on what DPC is calling "hidden jems", so leave her alone, dicks.
Alternate headline:

"I moved here from California a couple months ago and got an internship at an alt-weekly"
I didn't know about any of that and I've lived here for 20 years, you dicks*.

*I mean dicks affectionately.
@Kiala You didn't know Portlandia was a statue? You've lived here 20 years and don't remember when they barged that broad in?
Sigh... Portlandia is NOT the "second largest bronze sculpture" in the country. It is, however, the second-largest hammered copper statue in the USA.

We somehow survived the horrors of Alex Zielinski's typos and factual errors... Fiona, please don't go down that path.

The Benson Bubbler in front of OHS is not one of the original 20 bubblers. In 1975 Benson High School students started making bubblers. I assume the author was miss informed on the tour.
Thanks Fiona for coming on the tour! I always love hearing what parts of the tour stand out for each person. In 2.5 hours we discover a lot of 'treasures'.. the tour is set up so those on tour also find things as well. It's like a group-art-date! Come on the tour in October and find your own 5 things! Locals and Tourists alike are welcome. Sign up for the tour:… (Limit 12 people) and see the City as a Museum. Your "Museum Lady" Carye Bye