Timbers Owner Dinged $25K For Berating Officials


His name is Merritt Paulson. His name is Merritt Paulson. This comes from the POV of a casual viewer with only a marginal grasp on all the rules:

I would actually like to see a breakdown and analysis of all calls all season long for all teams. With a special emphasis on game-changing calls that are considered to have been botched or bad. A far better nerd than I am could crunch those numbers. It may just be my gut, but I wouldn't be surprised to see that the Timbers were actually getting the shaft, relative to other teams.

I watch games from around the league (I have the season pass and it's better than watching The Guild again). Refs set a completely different tone at other games. Though I don't imagine an actual conspiracy, I do question the ability of MLS coaches to do their job without bias.
Did he pay the fine with our tax money, too?

The league average is about 3.5 PK attempts per team to date. The outliers are Montreal on the high end (9 attempts) and Timbers on the low end. Some trends: middling teams with average followings have greater than average attempts (Houston, Dallas, Philly), the exception being San Jose, a good team with good attendance (albeit in a smaller stadium) with 7. Also interestingly, the three teams with the least are obviously the Timbers, Vancouver and Seattle each have one attempt. Perhaps theres a general NW bias and a balancing out effect in the more raucous stadiums in the league.
"It's a good thing Timbers owner Merritt Paulson is just as flush"

You mean Daddy Henry Paulson's cash?
What amuses me most about this whole episode is the fact that he watches games from his suite/box. In other words, this was in no way just a passionate fan who got carried away for a second and screamed at a ref before thinking about it. No, instead, this was someone sitting up in his suite, who actually had the planned out thought process of: "Hey, I know what sounds like a good idea. I'm gonna get up, head out the door, walk down the hall, wait for the elevator, get in, push the button for field level, wait a couple minutes for the slow-as-feck elevator, get in, ride it down, get out, walk down another hall, head out on the field, wait a few more minutes for the game to end... all so that I can show 'passion' by 'spontaneously' swearing at the refs just like that fan in the front row bursting a blood vessel about something that happened two seconds ago, not 5-10 minutes ago."