10-GALLON LAFFS—If you love great sketch comedy, check out one of the rib-ticklingest groups out of Austin, Texas: Stag Comedy. Blending weird live sketches with the occasional gut-busting video, they're the best thing to come out of Texas since... okay, since I can't think of anything, let's just say they're the best thing to come out of Texas. WSH
Boom Bap, 640 SE Stark, Thurs 9 pm, $5, all ages; Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne, Fri 8 pm, $5, 21+

—Fuck Graceland! We've got Downtown Elvis, whose 50th birthday party is free tonight. The old-school Portland weirdo spent 10 of his years playing a tiny guitar in a black pantsuit at Saturday Market, in between operating a spanking booth and starring in a wrestling league. SM
w/Advisory, Pillowfight, & more; Star Theater, 13 NW 6th, 7 pm, FREE, 21+