As internet video lovers already know, the relationship between rapper Krispy Kreme and Money Maker Mike is a thing of legend. HOWEVER. The web blew the eff up after Krispy apparently gave the gas face to Mike and proclaimed his love for Daniel Tosh (???) in this admittedly crunkin' video entitled, "Me and Daniel Tosh." WATCH.

Rightfully, people went INSANE. What did Krispy think he was doing?!? His relationship to Money Maker Mike is akin to peanut and butter! And jelly, too! And fucking DANIEL TOSH? What the fucking fuck? Has the fucking world gone topsy turvy? Well, happily Krispy released the following apology video, in which he makes (painful) amends for his actions. Be careful, Krispy! Don't let the fame go to your head!

See? Love is real.