Tonight at 7:30 at the Hollywood (4122 NE Sandy), the Kung Fu Theater series returns with the only known 35mm print of 1982's Iron Fingers of Death, AKA Shaolin Prince, AKA Death Mask of the Ninja, AKA the film so amazing it inspired this tribute.

Stupid Mercury deadlines are going to keep me at stupid work until way past stupid 7:30 so I guess I won't be there, but you can be—tickets are $7, and Kung Fu Theater crime boss Dan Halsted just gave a pair to give away to somebody on Blogtown. He's also throwing in one of the snazzy new t-shirts they'll be selling at Kung Fu Theater starting tonight—they look like this, except they don't have "SAMPLE IMAGE" written across them. I presume.


Excellent. To enter to win the tickets and the shirt, all you've gotta do is email me before 1 pm today, and make sure the subject line of your email is "Three Holy Fools." I'll pick a winner "at random" and email 'em back shortly after 1. ("At random" is code for "based on whoever's email I like the best.") Have at.