The Jefferson Smith "How Do You Feel Today" Poll


Is it possible to pinpoint the moment when the Smith flacks start flooding the poll results?

Also, the poll Q is at odds logically with the "I was voting with Hales before" option.

Here come the lemmings...
I'm at odds logically with the universe.
Isn't it awesome how people who don't agree with us are stupid? Right? Right? What...
I don't need to hold my nose to vote for Jefferson.
I would have to hold my nose to vote for someone who quit on the city in the middle of his term and then moved to Washington state to avoid paying Oregon taxes on his lucrative private sector job (while still continuing to vote in Oregon). When Hales tells you he "paid Oregon taxes" what he doesn't tell you is that he didn't pay them on his salary, he only paid them on his much lower investment income.
Talk about the pot calling the kettle flack.
As a vegan, I'm concerned about this extensive track record of Jefferson Smith being a hotheaded scatterbrain who can't seem to keep his own life in order, but I also feel like this is the kind of mudslinging done by shady operatives meant to distract us from the real issues of who could govern this city better. We've all been drunk college freshmen and we're not exactly voting for Jesus here.

I have serious concerns about Hales' fitness to serve as mayor of the people of Portland rather than a friend to developers who want to build a bunch of bridges and trains we can't afford. I like Jefferson's hardscrabble East Portlandness and view Hales as a West Hills politician of the worst kind. I've never been thrilled by either candidate but came around to the view that Jefferson is better for the people, has his priorities in a better order, and isn't corrupted by decades of city politics and streetcar deals.

That said, each new revelation about Jefferson's character make me question how effectively he'd govern, how well he'd work with others, and how well he can keep up with the work. I am still for the most part undecided, but if I had to vote today with a gun to my head, I'd probably stick with Jefferson.
Wow, look at that not-at-all-suspicious late break in pro-Smith votes!
It isn't the "punching a woman in 1993" issue. It's the "punching a woman in 1993 issue, having license suspended about 10 times in as many years, washing out of his law firm in a year or two, getting kicked out of two sports leagues for assualting people" and what am I forgetting issue.

Progressive Portland voters. We went through this with Adams, and apparently we have to go through it again: it is okay to have some basic standards and minimum expectations of public officials. You are voting for people to represent YOU, therefore not electing liars, cheats, and narcissistic psychos is about respecting yourself. You don't have to vote for every anti-social shyster who tells you what you want to hear. Expect more for yourself and your city.
"I like Jefferson's hardscrabble East Portlandness and view Hales as a West Hills politician of the worst kind."

Jefferson is a blue blood through and through. He moved to East Portland only because it was the easiest path to getting to the state House.
By the by, I have no delusions that Charlie Hales is going to be a good mayor, but at least he's not a petulant manchild. That's a pretty low bar to set when it comes to voting for mayor of the state's largest city, but such are the days we're living in.
They are both terrible. Hales will be all for urban renewal, streetcars, hating cars, developer giveaways, boondogles. Same old crap. I'm writing someone in.
I know that Scott Fernandez is running a write-in campaign, and that there's a movement to write-in LaVonne Griffin-Valade. Are there any other write-in efforts underway?
@Blabby, and here I thought you were staunchly pro-boondoggle.
Cray-cray is, as cray-cray does.
Wow, push poll much? Does this poll violate campaign finance law?
They are both assholes. Vote for the competent asshole?
Hey does anyone know if Charlie Hales has denied that he raped and murdered a 10 year old girl in 1990? I didn't think the rumor was true but it sounds like he has yet to deny it so I have to wonder.