Bowery Bagels has tiptoed into the gaping void left in Kettlemans' absence; their storefront on NW Broadway is slightly off the beaten path, but worth the trek if you're a fan of boiled New York-style bagels. I'm sure commenters on Yelp have all kinds of things to say about how authentic these bagels are, so I'll let you open that Hellmouth of annoyingness if you're interested; for everyone else who's normal and doesn't feel the need to argue about relative bagel chewiness on the internet, the bagels are quite good, with an interesting rotating array of flavored cream cheeses. Capers and onions schmear was pretty great, and yesterday I tried the kimchi—it was okay. Not gross, not amazing—just two things, together in your mouth at the same time. (If out-of-context kimchi sounds gross to you, please go to Tanuki and order a kimchi-bacon croissant. Once you've eaten it, we'll talk.) Bowery's also got breakfast and lunch sandwiches, about which all I can say is that the lunch sandwiches come with an excellent dill pickle, but don't make the mistake of ordering a sandwich on a bagel; it will cost $8 and be tiny and make you mad at the world.

Bowery Bagels, 310 NW Broadway, 7 am-2 pm daily