Blast in Beirut: A giant bomb explodes in Beirut, killing eight people, including one of Lebanon's top security officials.

Droning On and On: Despite being extremely controversial and killing civilians, the CIA wants more drone strikes.

Touchdown for Jesus! A judge rules that cheerleaders can make banners of Bible verses at public school games.

Poking Fun: Both Obama and Romney make fun of themselves at a fancy dinner.

Do HPV Vaccines Encourage Promiscuity? No. Also, no, no, and no.

Babymakin: Some speculation on how free birth control could transform society.

Where Gays Are Almost Equal Citizens: The Guardian has a cool infographic of LGBT rights state-by-state.

Seattle Sellout: The Seattle Times donates $75,000 worth of free ad space to the Republican governor candidate, a giveaway more 100 newsroom staffers protested.

Fingers Crossed: The 14-year-old girl shot in the head by the Taliban is slowly improving.

Now That You've Stolen a Picasso... selling stolen famous works of art is tougher than stealing them. Not a good business plan, thieves.

We've Been Waiting So Long for This Headline: Cat Discovers Catacomb.