By one vote—one stinking vote—Mayor Sam Adams edged out housing activist Cameron Whitten in yesterday's completely scientific poll as Blogtown's preferred write-in mayoral candidate. (Nice try, Cam, with those all-day, all-night #fakemayor Twitter pleas. Almost! There's always 2016!)

It was a solid showing by the lame-duck mayor, who wasn't even trying and still managed to outpace more viable potential write-ins like Eileen Brady and Scott Fernandez (who also weren't really trying) by more than 100 votes.

Now... I realize we should probably let this drop. And I am supposed to be off today. However! It only seems fair to see how the winner of our silly little poll might fare when put up against the actual candidates running in next month's runoff, Charlie Hales and Jefferson Smith.

Enjoy some thinking music while all you second-guessers make up your minds.