The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!


Here's what I thought, don't know if I've mentioned it before: this show is worse than Two and a Half Men crossed with The Nanny's bowel movement.
Two things it's good at, though: a strong commitment to having every actor who appears on the show be average to crappy at their trade, and making sure Rick always, ALWAYS looks down then up when he's talking with great consistency. What's down there, mister? Worried your dong's hanging out of your pants?
Wow. Have you actually seen The Nanny's bowel movement, though? It's (say the following through gritted teeth) purrrretty bad.
What do you call a zombie in a hot tub?

Oh, it's worse than you can imagine, Hump. What's not worse? A Small Wonder BM cuz such a thing doesn't even exist!

OR does it? Do robots poop? If Walking Dead answers these questions I swear I'll run down Hawthorne nude singing its praises.