I know there are roughly seven billion bazillion Halloween parties this weekend vying for your attendance, but allow me to personally invite you to attend the Carnival of Horrors, a sideshow-themed dance party and the very last edition of Shut Up & Dance to take place at the Fez (they've got a new home at Rotture). Aside from the fact that SU&D is one of the longest running and best loved dance nights in the city, they are also hosting a sideshow-freak costumed contest, which I will be judging along with fashion designers Bryce Black and Alyson Clair, as well as fellow MOD contributor Elizabeth Mollo.

Now, I've judged a number of costume contests in my day, and one thing has become clear: Most costumes suck! So consider it a challenge, and raise the bar for the most creative rendition of the Four Legged Lady or the Human Owl. Don't think about how sad it is that most real carnival freaks were simply born with physical anomalies that forced them into a life of ostracization, exploitation, prostitution, destitution, and other things that end with "tution," and just have FUN! Bonus points for DIY-ing, minus points for "sexy sideshow freak."