Yes, that is an actual headline. Ah, Portland.

Bow-tie and bicycle-loving Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer will be meeting people tomorrow at 10am at the Obama campaign headquarters (1125 SE Madison), then biking .3 miles to deposit ballots at the Multnomah County Elections building.

I talked to Earl this morning about the election—he says everyone should make sure to vote, but that we shouldn't get hysterical about Obama's chances: Obsessive number crunchers put the president's chances of winning at 73 percent.

I asked whether Congressman Blumenauer is worried about turnout, either from people who are disillusioned with Obama to people who don't see the point of voting in a state that always goes blue. "As the choice has hardened, as people see more extremism from the Republican ticket, we see a much higher level of enthusiasm and participation," said Blumenauer. He added that Romney's performance in the debates has probably helped people decide to vote: "He's just totally making stuff up."