The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club!


Bet you suckers all hated this episode, right? Not enough video game zombie kills? Guess what? This was the best (relative) episode ever! WHY? Because without the original cast of drips on screen it was like a whole different show!

That said, Blondie is the worst major television show actress in the history of my eyesight. I actually woke up sore this morning from her performance.
Agreed, Blondie is TERRIBLE. (Not as terrible as Chloe Sevigny in American Horror Story... or anything else—but TERRIBLE!)
Humpy: Are you saying that Blondie McGunnerson is worse than Grandpa Eyebrows?
Worst ep thus far.

I don't care about any of these characters or why there is something weird about the tea or why they want to kill survivors. Michonne seems like a bad ass but doesn't fit into the show yet. Merle's character is much better as a racist and he shouldn't at least said something inflammatory to Michonne to create some tangible conflict.
I have to say since the season premier, they’ve certainly turned things up a notch and kept the action going. It seems they’ve fixed the issues of pacing from the last season with the multiple storylines and the arrival of fan-favorite characters. If you love or loathe zombies as much as I do, be sure to check out 20 of the Greatest Zombie Movies of All Time reviewed at… with some really cool zombie artwork!
Really great episode. Looking forward to more Governor and Michonne
Michonne doesn't seem to do much more than give the stink eye. And sorry, but she gives it badly. Her character could be a real badass, but I'm feeling disappointed.