Blazers vs. Lakers - Hot Live Blog Action


Goooooo Blazers!

I didn't pay a smidge of attention during the off-season. LET'S ROCK.
Bobby, how are you able to type this much so quickly while still paying attention to the game? How many eyes and brains do you have?
Sasha and Dame - nice nice.
No matter what else happens this season, Portland has a point guard again.
One nice game, no reason to get all huggabugga over it yet the contrast between this opener (which they won) and last year's (which they also won) is stark. Last year we tried to piss away a big lead and almost succeeded thanks to careless play (don't mean just the point guard either), stunted offensive sets and negligent D. BUT let's be honest: a seemingly really good rookie who plays with poise is WAY better than a middling, eratic veteran PG who plays hard but also plays EVERY play like it's the first few runs of street ball
. This new blood looked to have team-wide positive ripple effects. Can they all stink less on the road is the big challenge this year cuz the west is TOUGH.
please bring back ezra. seriously.
Nicely done Bobby. Reading this the day after the game I only find one minor error. At the end of your comments regarding the 3:43 mark of the 2nd period, Leonard was definitely not credited with the assist. In fact we wanted to credit it to Gasol since he basically passed it directly to Batum.

Looking forward to reading more.