Hollywood Theatre Launches Marquee Kickstarter


1000$ to curate your Malick night! you could start a kickstarter to help offset the cost. blogtown poll decides the lineup!
Also, holy shit does that planned apartment building next door look awful. Here's their planned mockup: http://media.oregonlive.com/portland_impac…

How in the hell did they manage to push that ugly prefabbed-looking turd through?
Even with that monstrosity next door, the Hollywood is still the coooolest theater in these United States.
bah, there's nothing wrong with that apartment building next door. The way you're carrying on, I was expecting something that would qualify for http://cheapshitcondos.com/wordpress/
Usually I'm fine with apartment buildings, even when they are boring. After all, they can't all be gems. This one, however, is a huge insult to the theater next door. They could have built the apartment at an angle, so that the theater would not be obscured to drivers heading up Sandy. Instead, they built a box at the worst possible angle so that the theater is partially blocked. You can see in old pictures how the previous neighboring building respected the theater...this apartment does not, and the developer should be ashamed. I hope people donate to this marquee, which will at least help it stand out more.